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Artist Statement

Throughout my life I have live in many different areas of the United States; my experiences in each of these places has informed and influenced my work. As an artist I continually push the boundaries of my creative limits by exploring various techniques and mediums. The mixed-media pieces I create instilled with elements of photography, collage, and abstraction. My work often incorporates found objects, symbols and graphic elements to explore themes of the past, present and future.

Since 2012 I have been working on a series of silkscreen collages. I create my silkscreens from photographs I have taken from my journeys across the country. I combine these silk-screens with paint and other media to create collage and symbols that familiar in subject matter but unique in presentation. These collages present the viewer with a fragmented recollection; you recognize the images but seek to place them. The narrative is ambiguous and allows the viewer to access his or her own visual memory.